45 - Rommel Wins Medium Qualifier

They talk about being on cloud 9 and that's how I felt on Sunday. Rommel was certainly on form and delightful to ride. Yes we still have to work on our lateral suppleness, but he is now really trying and we are starting to develop our collective work and the power in our ground covering extensions is truly awesome. Thank you Debbie for coming with me and feeding Rommel lots of extra strong mints to make it easier for me to mount.

Cat and DogUnfortunately my excitement was over shadowed by the loss of our beautiful cat TK, who was knocked down near our house. She was such a special little girl and the joy she brought to our lives will never be forgotten. Riley and TK spent hours together in the garden and had a secret den within which they kept numerous prize precisions.

She liked to bring us in lots of presents I am sure she thought that frogs and mice were particular favourites. She nearly had her marching orders when we she delivered a mouse to our bedroom and we spent several hours trying to catch it. I managed to save her from the RSPCA by getting a one way cat flap. That was fantastic, as we could see her and check the contents of her mouth before we let her in. Thank you Carol for that suggestion and I know TK was very relieved.

CatTK was not only a cheeky little monkey but very clever. She was totally aware that she had to win Andy over and that she did from day one. She sat on his lap whenever he sat down and sometimes before he sat down. “I think she likes me” he would say. This gave me time to break the news that she had just put 1000 scratches in the new leather suit or broken a branch off his Japanese maple - I told him the wind had been very strong that day and TK never went anywhere near the tree. Maybe I should not have taken that photo!!

7th of June 2012

44 - Rommel Qualifies

I was so pleased to qualify for the Elementary Freestyle to Music Regional Championships for 2013. Having so few points left at Elementary level did slightly put the pressure on, but he went really well and scored 73.85%. I would like to say thank you to Claire Speer for loaning me her music, which really suits Rommel’s big movement.

We also came 3rd in the Medium Freestyle qualifier which was respectable especially with our rather exciting start to our first medium trot. Rommel was slightly spooked by the symbols crashing over head in our rather dramatic music to highlight his change from collected to medium trot. We exploded into the air, which was slightly more dramatic than I had anticipated.

It was really exciting to work with Julie Geraghty of and I can highly recommend her to anyone wanting to have a go at dressage to music. She gave me such a good range of music to choose from, allowed me to make small adjustments and the CDs came in a beautiful presentation package.

Great to see Lynn Kelly Transport back on the road and what a fantastic job Keith Kelly has done building her lovely new lorry. You cannot miss her driving along with all those lights and I am sure people get out of her way because they think it is an emergency vehicle! Check out her website for more details

Lynn may be available to transport you to our Dressage Competition at Higher Merley Farm 23rd June. We are giving a trophy to the highest percentage of the day. Walk trot test through to Elementary level.

Well done to Jo Palmer winning with Nancy at Sparsholt on 25th March and to Ollie and Harley winning all 3 classes at Stocks Farm Dressage on Good Friday.

12th of April 2012

43 - Rommel wins at Kingston Maurward

It was a beautiful day last Sunday and lambing weekend at Kingston Maurward. As lovely as it may be for the people to see the lambs, it means only one thing to me- huge tractors containing trailer loads of people passing our dressage arena. As Rommel hates noisy tractors, I was thrilled how well he went and our score of 68.975 put us equal first in the elementary class and 4th in the medium with another pleasing score of 65.55.

Congratulations also to Louise for winning the Novice Qualifier with her lovely horse Yogi. Look out for her in the Horse and Hound next week.

It has been a really busy time just recently teaching regular and new clients plus doing a 5 week stable Management course at Stocks farm for potential horse owners. We did wounds and ailments this week and I think I have put a few of them off now they know what can go wrong.

Dorset Fire Crew with horses and GillyThe British Horse Society asked me to run some workshops to train Dorset’s Fire Crews in handling horses and Leisa Cuesta kindly allowed us to use Stocks Farm Equestrian Centre as a base.

Their training involved putting on head collars, removing rugs and tack, leading horses and understanding body language and facial expressions. Hopefully this training will ensure the fire crew are better prepared to deal with difficult situations involving horses.

Many thanks to Louise for assisting me with the training, although I am fairly sure she did not mind!

Our Combined training coaching day went really well yesterday, even though a couple of the horses were feeling rather well.

Remember to enter our Combined Training competition on 8th April.

We done to Tracey Tucker and Todd for winning at Moreton on Friday and to Linda Robinson and Tommas for coming second today at the Fortune Centre.

18th of March 2012

42 - Well done Rommel

It was so exciting to be back competing again last Sunday at Kingston Maurward. A score of 67% put us in 5th place in the Elementary qualifier and we would have been high if the rider had not gone wrong twice.

Rommel was so lovely to ride I felt very privileged. I was also chuffed that my dad thought I rode well which is high praise from him. Obviously he said that I could have done better if I knew where I was going!!

After doing so well at the National Championships back in April, I was devistated that rommel suffered some sort of Virus or allergy which knocked him for six.

It has been a long road to recovery so I hope it is now in the past and we can look forward to the Regional finals on 14th February

27th of January 2012

41 - Calmer Days

Well this Tuesday turned out to be a little quieter than last. I am not really sure how we managed last week at Stocks Farm Equestrian Centre.

I do know that I was somewhat “horse” at the end of the day. I have never given lessons in those conditions before. Even though we were indoors, it was very scary and at times I thought the roof may take off. Some of the horses were a little unsettled by the noise but others carried on regardless. Many thanks to Tammy and the other staff for being there to give the riders and horses support thought-out the lessons, WHAT A TEAM.

I had great news from Julie today that we will be able to hold summer camps at KMC this year but due to the Olympics they will be earlier than normal. My client’s camp which is by invitation only is Friday 13th July to Sunday 15th and the BHS camp open to all members and non members is Tuesday 17th to Thursday 19th July.

Some of you really enjoyed the TREC training last year and the musical ride, so please let me know if you would like these activities included again or if you have anything new you would like to try, please feel free to e-mail me.

I would just like to say congratulations to my farrier Marcus Thorne who has been chosen to go to the Olympics as an official Farrier. Well done Marcus you are an Olympian. Marcus is also doing some charity work in Tajikistan. The idea behind this nine day trip is to provide a range of workshops to give the children and community of Querghon Teppa in Tajikistan a taste of new skills. If anyone would like to donate any money towards this cause please contact Marcus on 07966347474.

11th of January 2012

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