It has been a difficult end of the year for everyone with this horrid weather and I have not seen many of you, so I would just like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all my clients for your continued support.

Some of you have been with me now for many years, which is obviously why you are so good!! But it has also been great to meet and teach so many more new people this year and thank you for your cards E-mails and kind words.

It has been a busy year and many of you have achieved so much so well done. This weather will soon be over so you need to start setting yourself new goals for 2011. Start with your long term goal, then work backwards packing in lots of short term goals to help you on your way. For example mine this year is to Win at Hickstead, but my first goal will be to get back on board after the snow!

Anyway lots of things to look forward to this year- Camp for my clients 29th July – 31st July followed by the BHS camp open to all members or non- members. Trec training, indoor XC, Monthly clinics at Tollard or Merley and test practise day. For details see website.


22nd of December 2010

27 - Dressage Clinic at Tollard Park 23rd October

What a great day we all had at Tollard Park Equestrian Centre last Saturday. It was such a novelty for me to be working indoors; I was actually pleased it was raining!

It was not so nice for Barbara as the noise of the thunder and hail was horrific. What a fantastic temperament her lovely young horse has and well done to Barbara for keeping calm and making a good start on her canter work.

It was brilliant that both Lynda and Lorraine managed to get their best canter work to date. I think Thomas and Flint may have been practising on the way there!

I thought it would be fairly challenging working with Hayley on her big bay hunter, Rhiannon her 9 year old daughter and 9 year old friend Casey, but actually they worked brilliantly together. Whilst mum worked on her counter- canter, the 2 girls tried hard to establish the correct diagonal and perfect egg shaped circles. (We will have to try and remedy that next time!)

Jane arrived on time even though they had taken the scenic route. There must have been something in the air that day as they also did some really good canter work, with much better transitions and so much straighter and forwards, well done Jane.

It is so rewarding to see people and their horses making such good progress, it is also fascinating to work with new people, like Seonaid and her big moving bay gelding and Sharon with her little TB x mare, both so different but great to work with.

Bye the way I have tracked down the toilet for next time so no more hiding in the bushes.

3rd of November 2010

26 - Hickstead Video on You Tube

I was quite excited to see the video my dad took of Rommel competing at the Masters Championships at Hickstead back in July.

A few people asked if they could see it, so I have decided to put it on YouTube. Well for those of you who know my technical limitations, you will know that I did not do it!! In fact Peter Edwards who has done a fantastic job of putting my website together, did it for me. If anyone is interested in having a website - Peter is the man to see.

If you go to my website and click on past events then select Hickstead you will find the video here.

Moreton and HicksteadAddition to Team Wheeler

Some of you know that we have a new addition to the team. So I am very proud to introduce you to Riley Wheeler.

8th of October 2010

25 - Dressage Competition at Kingston Maurward

It was great to be back out competing after six weeks of training. Having moved up to elementary we really needed to consolidate our work at this level, but also be progressing more towards medium.

I was not feeling too well on Sunday, Rommel felt really strong and I struggled at times to hold him together. We made a few mistakes and were a little in accurate at times, so plenty of room for improvement. I thought about withdrawing from the second test as I was exhausted and shaky. But as usual my good friend Louise was there with encouraging words “Get on with it you wimp” I am pleased as he did really well and came second in both tests with high percentages.

Mounting has got a little easier now, having discovered whilst at Hickstead that Rommel loves extra strong mints. So when I put my foot in the stirrup a friend bribes him with mints, maybe I should try that getting to the warm up arena as well!

Just thought I should give some of you a little mention as you have also been doing great things. Ali and Caddy came 4th at Stocks Farm Combined Training. Tracey did well with Todd two days running at Moreton Combined training winning on 76% and a clear round, plus doing really well at the WDRC Eventer Trial the next day. Lorraine and Flint won at WDRC dressage with another high score of 70%. Debbie and Ria completed an exciting XC training session with the WDRC and her young horse Lily was 4th in her very first dressage test with Sarah Harrington. Well done to you all. Please let me know of any other sucessess.

22nd of September 2010

24 - Adult Camp 2010

I think this was the best camp yet. We not only had a great time, but everyone was really challenged in their riding which meant they tried harder and the results spoke for themselves.

Looking through the pictures I think Phil did a fantastic job of capturing real action shots and it is possible to see how everyone has improved from a year ago.

I am having such a hard job choosing the pictures to put in my gallery as there were so many good ones, so pleased do not be disappointed if yours did not make it.

I seem to be always thanking my mum and dad, but that is maybe because they do so much for me. The food was great and I think doing pre –ordered lunches was a good idea, even if some people forgot to order theirs!!

The NLP was fascinating and many thanks to Cait Collins for making it fun whilst learning. Thanks to Lorraine and Flint for being great Guinea-pigs and bring on those yellow jumps!

Thank you as well to Louise and Tamzen for their expertise in training you. It is so lovely to have instructors who cater for all learning styles, as some of you like to know the technicalities and some of you just need to do it.

Difficult in our house hold as Andy and I both have same learning style we like to open the box, plug it in and only read the instructions when it does not work.

Looking forward to next year already.

6th of September 2010

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