23 - Dressage Masters Championships Hickstead

Moreton and HicksteadIt is so lovely up here on cloud 9 I might just stay for a while!

I am so lucky and feel very privileged to have such an amazing horse. At last I feel we are working together and trusting each other. It really was a brilliant experience competing in the Masters Championship at Hickstead on the 26th July; to gain 70% and come 4th was a good achievement, especially with all the hustle and bustle of such a big show.

Moreton and HicksteadI have to say that I owe a huge thank you to my friend Louise for firstly making me go, secondly lending me her jacket , thirdly for keeping calm whilst I changed my mind several times as to where I would get on him, but really for her encouragement and support throughout the weekend.

Moreton and HicksteadI also need to thank my mum and dad for sponsoring me to go to Hickstead, for feeding us and letting us use their shower and for always being there.

Thank you Kim for driving 180 miles to come and support me and for introducing Trevor to dressage- He thought I should have won and I am inclined to agree!!

30th of July 2010

22 - Riding and Road Safety

Riding and Road Safety testThe first Riding and Road Safety test at Green Cottage Riding Stables nr Wimborne in Dorset will not only be remembered for achieving 100% pass rate but also because one of the candidates competed at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

At the age of 18 years and 10 months, Alex Hua Tian was the youngest ever event rider to compete in an Olympics.

Mrs Laura Biddle the proprietor of Green Cottage allowed Alex to ride her own horse when one of the school horses went unexpectedly lame.

Gill Longhurst, chief examiner really put the candidates at ease and the efficient staff with Lydia at the helm and Louise preparing the horses ensured the day ran smoothly.

Many thanks to Pete for assisting in the training and to my mum and dad for stewarding and making the traffic lights.

It really was an enjoyable day and I am not sure how many riding and road safety trainers can say that or that they have trained an Olympian.

Well done to Sally, Vicky, Chloe, Sam, Tammy, Emma and Alex for passing and good luck to you all for the future.

14th of July 2010

21 - Qualifying for Hickstead

Having had a few minor setbacks recently with Rommel I was thrilled to qualify for Hickstead last weekend at Kingston Maurward.

I am looking forward to seeing the video even with the running commentary from my friend Louise- who just had to laugh when I went freestyle as she calls it (Yes I did go wrong again!) However I did redeem myself in the Elementary qualifier by not only remembering the test without a caller but also scoring 69%. He was such a good boy and gave me a lovely ride.

Anyway, I thought everyone who attended the NLP training day last Sunday should know that I have entered for Hickstead and will be going on the 26th July and the Regional Championships will be on 3rd August; not sure I will mastered hacking alone by then, but 2 out 3 is not bad.

23rd of June 2010

20 - Dressage Clinic

I have been told off for not updating my blog sooner. I tried to point out that Mr Rommel had been rather unsettled lately and giving me a hard time, but I was told that I should add the rough with the smooth and that you cannot expect to win all the time. So now you know!!

Anyway I was thrilled to have such a good turnout for the dressage clinic at Higher Merley Farm on Friday 4th June.

How well Louise’s’ lovely new youngster behaved. Only backed four weeks ago he worked so well with Lynn’s horse Mo who showed some of the best work they have done; especially now they have cracked the counter canter.

Shelagh wanted to work on her lateral work and having made such an improvement during the session I know she will work her socks off before the next time.

Isobel and Gill tried to delay the start of their lesson so that they did not have to work too hard. Well what did they expect after that?

Phil & Bridget managed to get there in time to watch their stunning black horse JB. He really is one to watch for the future and I am so pleased that Louise has the ride on him. Now she is based at Higher Merley, he is working well and moving so much more freely on the lovely surface.

It was so useful having the arena set up for people to practise their tests, most doing the preliminary 15. Tracy was so pleased not to be out of breath, Ali starting to get a better connection, Lorraine had so many light bulb moments that she lit up like Black Poole illuminations and Lynda not knowing if she should go right or left at “C” Best leave it to Thomas I think.

Last but not least it was great to see Tracy again after working so hard to improve Murphy’s strength and power over the winter and now ready to compete.

Check out the website after the 13th June when Peter returns form holiday to update the clinics- Well you didn’t think I had the technology to update it myself did you? Next dressage clinic 9th July.

6th of June 2010


After having several seconds with good percentages I was so relieved to win both classes at Kingston Maurward on Sunday 11th April. Rommel was really well behaved and only became a little anxious when a horse started snorting in the warm up arena. I did manage to go wrong yet again even with Kim calling my test. The judge asked me if I heard what my caller, and I said no as I was not listening.

Many thanks to Louise for letting me wear her jacket and I think it does make me sit up better, I wonder if Andy would agree.

Next step was Crofton Manor on Tuesday 13th April. Rommel was manic and I thought twice about getting on him! Luckily the warm up was indoors so I got on him there. He did settle down very quickly. We worked really well together and everything started to flow. We went outside to do our test and he stepped up a gear and felt amazing. For the first time I really felt I rode well and he went like a dream. I was thrilled to win with 73.45%, which qualifies us for the Regional Championships in August. He scored a 9 for a centre line which means all the training and working on straightness is paying off. Thanks to Melanie for her persistence and correct training methods. To top it all we then won the qualifier and if Louise thinks she is having that jacket back now!!!

It must be catching this winning role- well done to Tracey winning the unaffiliated at Kingston Maurward this Sunday and to Lorraine who won at WDRC.

20th of April 2010

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