18 - Dressage to Music

Rommel and GillyI am so thrilled with Rommel for winning the dressage to music with 71.39% at Kingston Maurward on Sunday 28th March and qualifying for the semi- finals in February.

It took a lot of time and effort to get the music to Owen and I owe a big thank you to my friend Jo who persevered when I was ready to give up.

Owen of did a superb job with his editing of the music and thanks to Melanie Norris for helping me with the choreography.

Well done to my good friend Louise who came second in the music and also qualified with Denise’s horse Swing. I am not too happy that she nudged me into second place in the outdoor test, so as I told her I will have to think long and hard about helping her again in the future!!!

Rommel and Gilly performingIt was fantastic that so many of you came to see us perform and we were proud to do well. As usual my family were the first to offer constructive criticism I think they call it. Mum did not like the music and Andy said “that Louise she does look good on a horse.” Oh well back to the drawing board.

Just one more person to thank; Colleen who helps behind the scenes, getting up really early to turn other horses out in the dark just so Rommel can have 40mins in the field to buck and jump around before I take him to competitions, better than any amount of calmer.

29th of March 2010

17 - Dressage at Kingston Maurward 14th March

Rommel chilling out in between tests Rommel was rather on edge and waiting for any excuse to play up in the warm up, so I was thrilled to get over 70% in the outdoor arena at Kingston Maurward. It is such a pity that we did not do so well indoors. He was very relaxed as he entered the arena and I can only say that it was down to rider error that we only achieved 65%- fancy going wrong even when the test is being called!

I am now looking forward to doing some dressage to music; I hope Rommel and the judges like Robbie Williams as much as I do!! Many thanks Owen of for putting my music together so quickly and thanks to Melanie Norris for helping me put my programme together.

17th of March 2010

16 - Clinic at Comeytrowe Taunton

What a great day we had at Comeytrowe. It was a little firm under foot to start and somewhat chilli, but lovely to get the horses prepared for the coming season.

Those that I had met before had certainly been working hard, well done to Sam and Ashdon who had improved their transitions and straightness. This time Becky had her own horse and hopefully did well at her competition the next day.

Olivia and Liz did so well with the young horses. I hope you are sticking to your simple exercises.!!

I think Jane made the most improvement and it was great to see her smiling and enjoying riding Calypso. Catherine and Gemma both rode well and paid attention to detail, which showed in the improvement to their horses way of going. - Don’t forget to get that saddle checked Catherine. I am waiting to hear if Claudia bought Deedee, I do hope so.

Many thanks Janet for organising it all so well and letting me come to your lovely yard. See you all in the Easter Holidays

3rd of March 2010

15 - Competition Kingston Maurward 14th Feb

What a day Sunday turned out to be; I really was not sure that we would get to our competition at Kingston Maurward. Lucky for me that Tracey smelt diesel coming from the lorry. I rang the breakdown recovery at 7.30am and they said it would be 1 hour 30 minutes ETA. I rang KMC at 8am to see if there were any withdrawals later, but no one had withdrawn.

The recovery man arrived at 9.15am and at 9.30am he said it was a severed fuel pipe and that it would take him 30mins to mend. I rang KMC back and said I was coming and lucky for me Julie had a withdrawal which gave me an extra 30 minutes. I raced to the Field got Rommel in and plaited up and groomed in 30 minutes- it must be a record.

With my groom Kim picked up on route we were off and what a star Rommel turned out to be. Having had so much time off with the snow, my injury and his skin allergy, he was so well behaved, just a little onward bound. We had 20 minutes to warm up before entering the arena, so I was thrilled to come 2nd with 69.29%. He really is a fabulous horse to ride.

15th of February 2010

14 - Saddle Impression Pad 50% Discount

It really is a good time to check the fit of your saddle for more reasons than one. Firstly many horses weight has increased with the bad weather, as enforced periods in the stabled and lack of exercise has spread waist lines. Secondly a discounted price during February will allow you the opportunity to use the saddle pad and give you peace of mind that your horse is comfortable. For just £20 you can check the fit of your saddle, if you can pick up the pad and return it on the same day. Discounted price continues until 28th February.

2nd of February 2010

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