Impression Pad

Does your saddle fit?

The IMPRESSION PAD takes the mystery out of saddle fitting for all concerned owners or riders.

Is your horse misbehaving?
Could your performance be improved?

Often changes in behavior are early warning signs that your horse is uncomfortable or in pain. If we ignore these signs it may lead to decreased performance and an increase in behavioral problems. Early warning signs can be:

This can lead to:

Your horse's shape

Your horse will change shape for various reasons and therefore you should have your saddle checked at least three times a year.

The impression pad allows you to check your saddle and then speak to your saddler. You can even send your saddler a picture of the impression pad.

Remember if you buy a horse it is your responsibility to ensure its wellbeing. A correctly fitted saddle is as important as having your horse correctly trimmed or shod.

What does the Impression Pad do?

The Impression Pad is a tool to determine whether your saddle fits.

The Impression Pad, when placed under a saddle, will give an accurate visual record of how the weight is distributed through the panels to the horse. You will have an exact impression of how that saddle fits that horse, with that rider. It offers a quick and easy way for the rider to regularly assess the fit of their saddle.

It is then up to you to find a reputable saddle fitter when required to advise you on the best course of action

Saddle fitting assessment

Saddle fitting assessments takes approximately one hour.

The impression pad is placed under your saddle. You will then need to ride your horse in walk, trot and canter for thirty minutes to make a clear impression.

The saddle is then removed and a thorough observation of the pad is made.

You may wish to take a picture and e-mail it to your saddler.

Once you have finished you simply roll out the pad with a rolling pin and use it on another horse, thus making it very cheap and easy to check all the horses’ saddles in your yard.

Benefits of having a Saddle Assessment


Matt Hicks Dressage rider
“It was so easy: I was able to check the fit of all my horses saddles in one week, with some surprising results”

Fay Fretton Equine physiotherapist
“The impression pad is an invaluable tool & I would strongly recommend that every rider uses one to establish whether the saddle is distributing the riders’ weight evenly over the horses back. Uneven pressure will affect the way the horse goes & will invariable lead to performance or behavioral problems”

Kate Boe- McTimoney-Corley Animal Manipulation & Equine Sports Massage Therapist
“If a horse is showing changes in behavior or way of going I would highly recommend using the Port Lewis impression pad to rule out the saddle as the cause of the problem”

The next step

To hire the impression pad for a week is £40 (this enables you to assess as many horses as you wish.) or you may prefer an individual assessment.

To book or for more information please do not hesitate to contact: Gilly Wheeler BHSI

Download the Saddle Fitting Assessment brochure pdf file.