One to One Tuition

Gilly on foot with her good friend and client Louise Downing on her lovely mare PipAn initial assessment allows the opportunity to discuss the following:-

A tailor made programme is then designed to suit the individual requirements of both horse and rider. This is usually a series of short term goals leading ultimately to your long term goal.

Cost £ 35 *

Semi-Private Lessons

Great fun for those of you who are perhaps not fit enough to work on your own! You may enjoy the company of a friend to give you more confidence.

This may be the time to work over poles or small jumps to add variety in the work and it also works out more affordable if you are on a limited budget.

Cost £22 each *

Group Lessons - Usually four in a group

Children love to work in a group of friends. It is more fun and builds confidence as they watch each other. It is a good time to introduce new ponies to others before a show, and a good time for mums or dads to catch up.

This is also an ideal way to have a jumping lesson with friends.

Group of three Cost £15 each *
Group of four Cost £12 each *


The cost shown are for lessons within 10 mile radius of Verwood and then 40 pence per mile travel expenses to be included.


This is basically tuition in one location and can be a mixture of activities and social time, with refreshments or BBQ. I usually book the location and organise the activities, but I can be booked just to come and teach.

They can follow any of the following format:-